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Open Pixee

Pixee believes in open source. We leverage tools from the community and strive to contribute where there are gaps and where we can provide unique solutions.

Our product is best experienced via the Github App pixeebot. Powering this pixeebot product experience are several open source projects. See more below and then dig deeper in each project's README.

Pixee CLI

The Pixee CLI brings the power of Pixee's Codemodder framework to your local development environment. This provides a way for developers to try out Pixee before installing the GitHub app.

Pixee CLI Demo

Learn more in the README

Integrate Pixee CLI into your CI Environment

Do you want to see Pixee at work in your repository? We've integrated the PixeeCLI into CI scripts for popular platforms.

Coming soon!

  • Gitlab
  • Github

Container Images

Want more or something missing?

Join our community and collaborate in slack or drop us a line at