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Introducing Pixeebot 👋

Pixeebot is a GitHub app that automatically improves your code. It acts like another developer on your team and opens pull requests (PRs) for you to review and merge.

Pixeebot is powered by an open source toolkit called codemodder.

How does Pixeebot help me?

Pixeebot monitors your repositories and provides fixes in two different ways:

  1. 🔛 Continuous Improvement: monitors your default branch and sends you pull requests with fixes.
  2. 🌱 PR Improvement: checks each new pull request (PR) and suggests improvements.

Pixeebot helps to improve your code's security, performance, and quality.

What environment & languages does Pixeebot support?

Pixeebot is currently limited to Java repositories on GitHub. Support for other languages is coming soon!

What does Pixeebot cost?

Pixeebot is currently free for all users. We will add paid tiers in the future.