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To install Pixeebot, visit our GitHub App page. From there, click Install (or Configure) and follow the prompts from GitHub. You'll be directed to your Pixee dashboard once the installation process is complete.

Repository access​

During installation, you’ll need to specify which of your repositories Pixeebot can access. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • All repositories - By selecting this option, Pixeebot will monitor all your existing and future repositories.
  • Select repositories - Opting for this choice will present you with a list of your current repositories. From there, you can choose the specific repositories Pixeebot can access.

Updating repository access​

To update repository access for Pixeebot:

From Pixee Dashboard:

  • Click the "+Add installation" link at the bottom of your Installations page.

From GitHub:

  • Go to your GitHub homepage.
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Applications.
  • Select "Pixeebot" from the list of applications.
  • Click the configure button to access Pixeebot settings.

Repository access selection can be managed at any time by adjusting settings through either of these paths.