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Sanitized user-provided file names in HTTP multipart uploads


ImportanceReview GuidanceRequires Scanning Tool
HIGHMerge Without ReviewNo

This change hardens usage of the Spring Web multipart request and file uploading feature to prevent file overwrite attacks.

Although end users uploading a file through the browser can't fully control the file name, attackers armed with HTTP proxies, scripts or curl could manipulate the file to contain directory escape sequences and send in values like ../../../../../etc/passwd. This is a common place that developers forget to distrust user input and end up including the attacker's file name in the path they end up writing.

Our change sanitizes the output of FileItem#getName(), stripping the value of null bytes and directory escape sequences, leaving a simple file name in the expected form. The code change is very simple and looks like this:

+ import;
MultipartFile uploadedFile = parseFile(request);
- String name = uploadedFile.getOriginalFilename(); // vulnerable
+ String name = Filenames.toSimpleFileName(uploadedFile.getOriginalFilename()); // safe
writeFile(new File("my_upload_dir", name));