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Switch JWT calls to versions that enforce signature validity (CodeQL)


ImportanceReview GuidanceRequires Scanning Tool
MEDIUMMerge Without ReviewYes (CodeQL)

This change switches to Json Web Token (JWT) parsing APIs that perform signature validation.

Unfortunately the method names in JWT parsing with the io.jsonwebtoken.jjwt library don't convey the risk difference in usage. Although the parseClaimsJws() and parseClaimsJwt() methods perform signature validation, the parse() method does not.

Changing out these methods is easy and our changes look something like this:

  JwtParser parser = Jwts.parser();
JwtParser jwtParser = parser.setSigningKey(JWT_PASSWORD);
- Jwt<Header, Claims> jwt = jwtParser.parse(token);
+ Jwt<Header, Claims> jwt = jwtParser.parseClaimsJwt(token);